Our team of award winning experts are always eager to take on the challenge of bring your message to life using the latest and most effective media and techniques. With us you can be assured of a message that leaves a lasting impression. Our products and services include, but are not limited to:

  • Radio and Tv advert production.
  • Interactive Cds and DVDs.
  • Media Campaign Consultancy.
  • Immersive Media Experiences eg 360panoramas
  • LIVEPAGES from Astromedia
  • Artiste Management.
  • PR Consultancy.
  • Song and Jingle production.
  • Educational and Training DVDs.

We can produce customizable solutions to meet your training requirements. Our interactive media solutions are proven to improve the learning process, and minimize time spent on training


This demo highlights one of our products. It was developed to assist drivers learn driving rules and regulations from the comfort of their homes. It can be customized to suit any number of purposes for almost any environment.

Interactive media such as this has been shown to inprove the effectiveness of the training by increasing retention and comprehension of the subject matter.

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This is our interactive 20th century multimedia vehicle. More than a book, more than a dvd/cd this unique media format has the ability to convey richer messages without overwhelming the user experience by deftly mixing the familiar format with a cutting edge media. Due to their file size, LIVEPAGES are primarily meant to be distributed on flashdisks, dvd, cd, but can be customized for delivery via the internet.


We have conducted extensive research into the leading causes of piracy and intellectual property theft and the possible solutions. As a result we are considered leading experts in the field of anti-piracy and have delivered numerous white papers on the subject.

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