interactive multimedia application/training demo

This demo highlights one of our products. It was developed to assist drivers learn driving rules and regulations from the comfort of their homes. It can be customized to suit any number of purposes for almost any environment.

Interactive media such as this has been shown to inprove the effectiveness of the training by increasing retention and comprehension of the subject matter.


The interactive media can be customized to suit any topic and can be of any size.





  • Contains modules with lessons for the different categories of road users from young pedestrians to truck drivers, to those preparing for driving tests
  • Ability to offer lessons in 6 different languages including sign language for the hearing impaired. Even though road signs are in English, the objective is to ensure that even non driving stakeholders, eg young pedestrians effectively imbibe the relevant messages, in their native tongue where necessary
  • Over 500 real life situations are covered in the samples
  • Personal Score Tracker, and detailed progress monitor to highlight your areas of weakness.
  • Advanced random event generator ensures that each test is different thus preventing copying of the answers from previous tests
  • Visual examples of over 100 safety tips
  • Ability to print out questions and tutorials
  • For those preparing for driving test it Contains EVERY question and answer from the very latest OFFICIAL Theory Test Question Bank
  • For learner car drivers, motorcyclists and take unlimited mock tests under realistic exam conditions.
  • Unique 'weakest question' feature allows you to revise questions previously answered incorrectly.
  • HAZARD PERCEPTION Over 300 test simulation video clips to practice and review as many times as you like.
  • PRACTICAL TEST & Tips: Revise over 60 video tutorials with the help of expert driving instructors.
  • View and Revise essential manoeuvres that you may be asked to perform in your Practical Driving Test.
  • View, search and print the latest digital version of The OFFICIAL Highway Code.
  • Watch a full length mock Practical Driving Test and find out what the examiner is looking for.
  • Test your knowledge of every road sign that you may come across in your exam.
  • Practice Theory Test questions and answers any time, anywhere using your smartphone, iPod or other portable media player.